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The Story of Novis Plaza

From Ruin to State of Art Building

A lot of you that crossed Tăietura Turcului road in the past 4 years, remember the distressing landscape of a deserted large building. A grey and lifeless picture that didn’t fit with the image of Cluj-Napoca, a developed, full of life and dynamic city.

In 2016, the developer Transilvania Construcții saw the potential of this building and decided to bring it back to life by converting it into a new, innovative and attractive concept with the purpose of becoming one of the best office building in Cluj-Napoca.

This is how Novis Plaza reborn, turning from wreck to A Class office building, an urban regeneration that incorporates a distinctive architecture and latest technologies. The purpose is to offer tenants and to employees a space full of light and fresh air to empower and increase the productivity. The contemporary building design, large green areas and panoramic view from the terrace, make Novis Plaza the place to enjoy your breaks and interact with colleagues. Office spaces are fit for middle to big size companies looking to increase the well-being of their employees and guarantee the environment for reaching the contemporary excellence in business!