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Dare to improve!

The vision of Novis Plaza is based on the Evolved Urban Ecosystem idea that aims to reach the contemporary excellence in business. We put in the first place the employees and their state of well- being and this is the reason why we created the ideal environment that increases the creativity and productivity.

You have the possibility to highly personalize the office space and this is the reason why Novis Plaza is the most suited office building to develop or grow any company culture.

The unique spaces within the building are especially dedicated to a balanced development of the employee, both professional and personal. The socialization areas boost the state of happiness and enjoyment at the office.



The road to success means involvement!

Our mission is to become a role model for office space buildings in Cluj Napoca. We advocate for transparency, client orientation, and quality-price report. Our main purpose is to satisfy the needs of tenants and employees. We believe that a strong, competitive and successful business is built from innovative ideas, balance, and the team of employees, management, and CEO. For us is important that every part of this team is happy and it can develop in all dimensions and at full potential.

Novis Plaza incorporates all the attributes of an A-Class office building, we offer administrative services, we believe in a valuable collaboration with our tenants, we are open to suggestions and based on them we promise to improve our services and include new facilities for a better performance and a great partnership.

We also value the environment, we protect it and we take action on keeping it safe.


Be a role model!

The core of any organizational culture is built upon important values, based on which the company acts on everyday activity, establishes partnerships, interacts with contributors and employees.

Our core values are:

1. Adaptability – each tenant is different from its culture to needs and daily activity. We take each need of our tenants, analyze it and come with the custom solution that best fits our customer’s profile.

2. Innovation – we bring on Cluj Napoca’s market the latest trends on design, construction materials, and technology by creating a pleasant working environment that combines creativity and productivity with comfort and good humor.

3. Integrity – we respect honesty and transparency and we put this into use on every partnership that we establish or nurture.

Design Concept

Design Concept

Beauty is defined by simplicity!

The simplicity is the pillar of Novis Plaza. Every floor is created to allow the natural light to fill the inside of the building and for maximising the productivity we dedicated great care to details, we arranged green spaces, terraces and recreational places inside and outside the building. The equilibrium between architecture, environment and human being is important when you want to develop an auspicious spot that leads to personal and professional growth.

The time spent at work should consist of applying your ideas successfully and improve your skills. A nice and peaceful ambiance can be reached by combining the design of the building with green spaces that facilitate day to day activity at the office, boost the initiative and helps you find the best solutions.

This is Novis Plaza!